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  • Why stainless steel and not chrome plated steel?
    Stainless steel will never rust or corrode unlike original mild steel chrome plated, or re-chroming original rusty parts. If any dents or scratches occur during the bumpers life they can be re-worked and re-polished, unlike chrome
  • What is the availability of your parts?
    Next day delivery of parts in the UK is possible. Many classic Mercedes parts are simply no longer available from Mercedes.
  • Shouldn't I just get my original parts re-chromed?
    Specialist re-chroming can take up to 8 weeks and often generates variable results at a high price, some of the reasons we founded Lawton Classic Bumpers!
  • How close a match are your parts to those on my classic Mercedes?
    Original chromed parts have been used to create tooling for the stainless-steel parts meaning a precise fit and accuracy of shape, fit and dimensions
  • Can you produce bumper chromes for other classic Mercedes (and other marques)?
    Yes, we certainly can! Please get in touch with what you are looking for and we are sure to be able to assist.
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